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Fieldwork Field Service Management Software with Apps for Macbook and iPhone

FSM Software Features

Designed to save time and boost profits.

Solo Plan


Any great service company has a foundation of great customer service. Fieldwork keeps all of your customer information in one place — whether you're on the phone with a new or existing customer, you have all their information at your finger tips.


Fieldwork keeps track of your clients and can even automatically send out emails reminding them to pay, following a pre-set reminder schedule at whatever intervals you choose. No more hours spent chasing after money that you're owed. 


Enjoy insight into your operations like you've never had before with intuitive dashboards that chart growth, revenue, costs, employee performance and more. Combined with our automated data collection, you'll spot trends sooner and react faster to data points that will help grow your business.


Tasks are the easiest way to stay on top of things and make sure you don't forget something.  Sometimes a work order or a note isn't enough. You can assign tasks to customers, work orders, estimates, invoices, anything...  You'll have them all in one place and everyone loves the feeling of crossing an item of the list.

Marketing Campaigns

Whether you prefer advertising on the radio, in a newspaper, or through an email, we give you the tools to create marketing campaigns that you design. Track their profitability to see which campaign gives you the biggest return. Focus your email campaigns to specific customers.

Calendar & Scheduling

Fieldwork users enjoy the most sophisticated calendar and scheduling tools on the market.  Easily set up recurring work orders, drag and drop jobs between technicians — all on your mobile device.  Keep track of jobs pending completion or scheduling — and never miss an appointment again.

Credit Card Payments

Move your business into the 21st century and take payments right in the field. Intuitive credit card payment interfaces seamlessly with signed contacts and invoices. For bills sent automatically, customers can also easily pay via a convenient online portal.

Online reviews

Online reviews are a critical factor in growing your business online.  With Fieldwork you can automatically request online reviews right after you've completed the job.  We'll also reduce negative reviews being posted online and instead send them to you privately to resolve with the client.

Chemical Reporting

Keeping accurate chemical use records is essential for many industries.  With Fieldwork you can easily record your usage in the field and report on it back in the office.  We provide detailed chemical use reports for both New York (PRL) and California.

Work Order Management

Completely digitize your field service work order management and scheduling process with Fieldwork’s self-service Customer Portal, Templates, Status, History Tracking, Estimates and Invoicing features. Securely access your work orders on any device, anytime — anywhere.


Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. With our invoice and payment tools you can fully automate your billing process with email and batch invoices in just minutes. If you prefer the old fashioned way, you can also use the software to cut hours off printing and mailing invoices to your clients.

Customer Portal

Fieldwork provides customer service for your clients even when you're out of the office. Using our simple and intuitive portal, customers can review history and remain up-to-date. They can review invoices that are due and pay directly online for maximum convenience.


Reporting doesn't have to be a necessary evil. Fieldwork makes tracking any aspect of your business effortless, from chemical usage to specific implement effectiveness. The results won't just help with regulations — they'll help you run your business smarter, too.

File Management

Fieldwork supports various file formats for attaching to your work orders such as PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC (Microsoft Word), and XLS (Microsoft Excel). PDF's can be exported, or uploaded as a default for contracts in the database, and all file attachment functions are available in the mobile apps.

Startup Plan

Custom Forms

When you need to fill out state or regulatory forms or maybe you have custom forms you require from your staff when they do a job. custom forms let you keep your existing PDF forms and turn them into fillable web and mobile forms that can be pre-filled and are stored in one place so you never lose them.


When you need to provide an accurate drawing of a site, a room, or any other object at a job site, use our easy and intuitive diagraming tool to create it.  Perfect for basic exterior floor plans, termite jobs, landscape estimation, pool square footage and much more

Quickbooks Online Sync

Fieldwork integrates seamlessly into the more sophisticated accounting abilities of Quickbooks Online. Data about equipment wear and tear, product usage and more can be reflected in both your budgets and tax forms. Claiming and proving deductions has never been easier.


A photo is worth a thousand words... sometimes when you're on a job site words just don't do the situation justice, you need a picture to convey a problem or highlight a positive outcome to the client.  With Fieldwork you can take photos with comments on every service report.  Photos are instantly available in the office and to your customers.

Business Plan

Route Optimization

Stretch your fuel budget with intelligent address mapping. Fieldwork automatically routes your teams in the most efficient way possible, boosting per-day productivity, reducing fleet wear and tear and, of course, boosting your bottom line.

Digital Log Book

When you are managing complex commercial accounts, a log book is essential.  Give your clients and the auditors what they need at all times.  No more chasing paper reports, device history, licenses or other files.  Everything is in the right place when it matters.

Device Management

Recording the historical activity on traps is critical in commercial food accounts. By applying a QR or barcode to a device and scanning it with our mobile app you can track its condition, activity, captures, and evidences. Through time, trends will develop and our reports will keep you informed.

Google Maps

Stretch your fuel budget with intelligent jobsite mapping. Fieldwork automatically routes your teams in the most efficient way possible, boosting per-day productivity, reducing fleet wear and tear and, of course, boosting your budget's MPG.

Pro Plan

Multi-unit Buildings

Working in structures with multiple units, like condos, apartments or office buildings doesn't have to be a headache. Fieldwork makes keeping track of individual elements at the same address a breeze for both your office staff and on-site team, reducing costly mistakes and confusion.

Technician Tracking

Sometimes you really need to know where your workers are.  Wether it's for scheduling purposes or for management purposes Fieldwork provides up to the minute accuracy on your employees location.  You can view it easily at a glance while scheduling and managing your calendar

Multi-Office Usage

If your business operates across multiple offices or even regions, rest assured that each office can enjoy seamless access to your Fieldwork software. Instant access to your records facilitates effective service for regional customers whose needs require more than one office's attention.

API and Integrations

Fieldwork works well with Zapier and other common programs, with more integrations added frequently. Feel free to contact us to ask us if we support your current software — our talented support staff will be more than happy to help you integrate Fieldwork into your business's toolbelt.