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Field Service Scheduling Software with Calendar & Dispatching

Fieldwork is known for being the most versatile, innovative and feature-rich field service scheduling software for Pest Control, Lawn Care, Pool Service, and other general field service industries. Fieldwork uses a visual planning approach for route planning, scheduling and tracking to simplify the way dispatchers and remote technicians operate. The mobile Fieldwork cloud-based apps help your team stay organized and on schedule while reducing administrative duties and paperwork.

Fieldwork keeps your customers in-the-loop with Appointment Reminders and Confirmations about upcoming services via SMS &/or Email Notifications — ensuring a job is never missed in the field! Using a flexible calendar with route optimization, scheduling that is fast, easy to use, and feature rich will allow your team to effortlessly stay in sync and in real-time.

Drag and Drop Calendar with Scheduling Overview

Field Service Scheduling Calendar and Dispatch Software

An organized and efficient schedule is the cornerstone of your business, which is the very reason why Fieldwork created a drag and drop calendar for scheduling Work Orders and dispatching technicians. Administrators can easily change or assign orders from the Work Pool to the Interactive Daily Schedule, and assign each technician’s hourly schedule and route planning. Alternatively, you can create new Scheduled Routes with a single click on the Calendar.

Route Planning

Our route planning tools are tightly integrated with both the calendar, the work pool and Google maps, and the convenience of viewing your calendar and map side-by-side makes routing a breeze. All changes are immediately reflected on the map. You can even overlay missed and upcoming appointments from the work pool to see what is closest to your scheduled appointments. Clicking on specific pins help to sort your work pool by distance so that you can be sure your routes are optimized and efficient.

Real-Time Sync

All changes in the calendar view are cloud-synced in real-time across all devices. This includes technician schedules & route planning, work orders, status changes, tasks, equipment tracking, and live traffic from Google Maps.

24 Hour Booking System

Customer-focused scheduling is important for allowing customers to have “some” control over when they schedule or cancel appointments at their own convenience. Fieldwork allows customers to schedule outside of your regular hours of operation without the need for a phone call. Dispatchers can also find a happy medium for scheduling appointments that work for both the customer and the technicians.

Calendar Views with Map View

View your calendar schedule by day, week or month, and hide or show technicians schedules side-by-side with integrated Google Maps to ensure your appointments are optimized for distance and drive-time. The Map View is complete with color coordinated icons, and the option to view Live Traffic from Google to help avoid delays and generate new routes on-demand.

Best Fit Route Optimization

"Best Fit" Auto Routing Scheduling

The auto routing feature provides a “best fit” feature to suggest optimized driving routes with intelligent recommendations which help you choose the best technician based on their location and availability. The map also includes a live traffic option to assist with dispatching.


Sync with 3rd Party Calendars

Fieldwork can also sync with your favorite calendars such as Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar to help make sure your technicians always in-sync with their own schedules.

Sync with Apple Calendar Sync with Google Calendar Sync with Outlook Calendar

One-Time and Recurring Jobs

A key component to field service scheduling is allowing the ease and flexibility to manage both one time, or complex frequencies such as weekly, monthly, or seasonal follow-ups as well as exact dates or specific days of the week. The Fieldwork calendar works on a rolling 12 month period, so you can always see what’s coming up and making it easy to schedule for future dates. In addition, these tools are integrated into service agreements allowing you to easily manage contracts and renewals.

Tasks Overview Feature

The Task Overview option allows you to view tasks highlighted on the calendar, for a streamlined view of the current and upcoming week’s schedule. Technicians and Dispatchers have full-control from their web or mobile apps to update the status of each task, assign it to a specific technician, set the relation of the task, and what the task’s duty is, such as: Work Order Review, Invoice Review, Follow-Up Email, Follow-Up Call, or a Welcome Phone Call.

Mobile Scheduling Apps

The Fieldwork mobile apps take our service scheduling software features to the next level. From the Fieldwork Office app you can see your schedule, including tasks, estimates, or work orders. You can also view and manage the calendars of other team members, accept Digital Signatures, and swipe to update work order statuses. Technicians in the field may also accept or decline jobs from the dispatchers within the Fieldwork mobile apps.


Fieldwork App on Apple App Store Fieldwork App on Google Play Store

Mobile Scheduling Apps

Work Pool

Often with recurring work, you do not know the exact time to schedule appointments without confirming with the customer first. This can be a challenge with the complex schedules of your customers, so our work pool feature makes this easy with a work pool list that can be filtered down by date, service type, and technician. You can easily view the last service date, contact and service details. Once you’ve confirmed the time, you can just drag and drop the appointment to the calendar and you are done.

GPS Tracking for Technicians

Sometimes you need to see where your team is in the field. The Fieldwork apps GPS Tracking of your technicians within 60 seconds of their last location. This can be helpful to monitor technician performance as well as real-time scheduling purposes. In addition, we track the location of the technician when the job is completed, allowing you to notify your customers with on-site verification in their customer portal.

Appointment Reminders

The Fieldwork calendar is also tightly integrated with our mobile applications. Same-day changes made on the calendar such as new appointments, cancelations and time changes can be texted immediately to techs in the field. By refreshing their appointment list on the Fieldwork mobile app, technicians will see all relevant changes. This reduces time spent on phone calls or traveling back to the office for paperwork to share new appointment contact details. They can even get turn by turn directions from their current location to the next stop at the touch of a button. Alternatively, you can send SMS and/or email notifications to your customers about appointment changes on your calendar. Defining rules to automate appointment reminders can help to reduce the chances of cancelled or missed appointments while dramatically improving your daily workflow and customer satisfaction.

Work Order Templates

Endlessly creating the same types of jobs from scratch is cumbersome for the field service scheduling experience. Fieldwork’s Work Order Templates options make it easier to create complex jobs as templates to reuse later for one-click job creation of common services and frequencies — helping to reduce errors and bring efficiency to your team’s workflow.

Employee Time-Off Scheduling

A field service scheduling system wouldn’t be complete without a Time-Off calendar. Just choose the employee, day and times needed off, and the Best-Fit Scheduling system will factor in the availability into the calendar & schedule.

Scheduling and Calendar Help Docs

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