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Scheduling and Planning

An organized and efficient schedule is the cornerstone of your pest control business. Fieldwork makes it easy to view the day, week or month. View technicians schedules side by side and with our integrated Google map view you can make sure your appointments are well organized for distance and drive time.

One Time and Recurring Appointments

Creating a new appointment is as simple as clicking on the calendar. Select the customer, the service to be performed and choose from one time or recurring scheduling, if it is recurring you can select from weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or custom. You can set an exact date or choose options such as every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Schedules are generated on a rolling twelve months so you can easily see what the months ahead look like. All scheduling options can easily be changed without the need to delete or recreate appointments.

Work Pool

Often with recurring work you do not know the exact time you will be doing them. Customers would often like you to contact them ahead of time to confirm with them. Our work pool feature allows you to do just that. Your work pool list can be filtered down by date, service type of technician. You can view the last service date, contact and service details. Once you have confirmed the appointment just drag it to the calendar and you are done.


Our Google mapping tools are tightly integrated with both the calendar and the work pool. All changes are immediately reflected on the map. You can even overlay missed and work pool appointments to see what is close to existing appointments. Clicking on specific pins will give you the sort your work pool by distance so that you can be sure your routes are optimized and efficient.

Real-time Communication

The Fieldwork calendar is also tightly integrated with our mobile applications. Same day changes made on the calendar such as new appointments, cancelations and time changes can be texted immediately to techs in the field. By refreshing their appointment list on Fieldwork mobile app technicians will see all relevant changes. This reduces time spent traveling back to the office for paper work and time spent on calls to share new appointment contact details. They can even get turn by turn directions from their current location to the next stop at the touch of a button.

Scheduling Feature Highlights

Appointment Reminders. Define rules to automate appointment reminders. Customers can confirm appointments online further reducing administrative work.
Pre-printed tickets. If you would prefer to print your tickets, you can generate up to one month of printed tickets to fill out by hand.
Templates. Simplify scheduling tasks even more by creating reusable templates for common services and frequencies.