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Work Order Management Software for Field Service

Work Order Management Software for Field Service

Completely digitize work order management for your Pest Control, Pool Service, Lawn Care or Field Service Business.

Experience increased productivity when technicians and dispatchers are always connected, gathering customer intelligence with secure access to your work orders on any device, anytime — anywhere.

A simplified workflow for your Work Order process is what makes Fieldwork the best Work Order Management Software.

A Flexible Work Order System for Field Service Based SMBs & Enterprises

Avoid mishaps of losing carbon copies or illegible handwriting for work orders when recording service details.

Boost customer satisfaction and simplify your service business with a system to manage, monitor and even automate service requests.

Clean sortable and filterable Work Order List helps to stay organized and streamline service appointments, manage technician schedules, routes, and service completion.

Increase revenues, productivity, communicate securely, gain compliance and improve customer-experience with an intelligent work order system.

Create and Attach Work Order Templates

Create new Work Order Templates with ease, and attach them to new work orders with a few clicks. Templates are based on Location Types, with each having its own billing frequency, recurring schedules, material & usage, application method, duration, instructions, default technicians, and file (PDF) attachments. All fields which are auto-populated by Work Order Templates are customizable to accommodate each specific customer and work order it’s attached to. Try creating your own free work order template with the Fieldwork Free-Trial Demo.

Manage Work Orders with Desktop & Mobile Apps

Swipe to complete a work order.

Update Work Order Status with Mobile Swipe Gestures

Technicians can create and update work orders on-the-fly from any device seamlessly with dispatchers seeing the updates in real-time. Create new Work Orders in seconds by picking a customer, schedule date and location, choose the technician and services, add notes or instructions, then save, and you’re done. All information about work orders are accessible on all mobile devices in Calendar Overview — where techs can use swipe gestures to update job statuses, or set & adjust routes, schedules, task-checklists, and use e-forms for technician and customer digital signatures. The Fieldwork apps operate in the cloud with offline functionality to deliver robust and reliable work order apps which improve team efficiency and operations. Start your free trial and use the free demo of Fieldwork’s mobile features in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Fieldwork App on Google Play Store

Fieldwork App on Apple App Store

Watch how to Complete Work Orders with the Fieldwork Mobile App Calendar Overview and Work Pool Screens.


Our work order scheduling software features simple drag & drop interface for customizable flexible scheduling of initial, recurring and seasonal services. Fieldwork’s Best-Fit Scheduling uses intelligent recommendations for easier technician route planning based on their availability, service location, and schedules. All Fieldwork plans will receive a branded customer portal for self-service options so your customers can request the ideal appointment dates & times that fit their availability. Each Work Order also features it’s own scheduled Renewal Notices via Email or SMS to remind clients of their service agreement. Technicians and dispatchers are able to edit or cancel entire work order series from the calendar and Work Pool List. The Work Pool can also help determine which work orders are missed or not yet scheduled.


Fieldwork simplifies the work order invoice process for your sales and billing departments. Useful features include accepting prepayments for future work, editing the Balance Forward, Bulk Emailing to collect payments for overdue invoices, and combining multiple service frequencies into a single invoice. Each statement provides work order numbers with details of the service dates, materials, expenses, and labor performed.

Fieldwork provides a feature to disable Auto-Pay for customers who have one-time, or occasional service appointments rather than the default auto-billing based on their service schedules.

Hide Pricing Information on Work Orders

Hide price information from work order emails which are sent to technicians. Hiding price data is customizable for each individual tech, as well as setting it as the default option altogether.

Create Estimates

Your sales team can improve their performance with quicker generation of estimates for new customers in real-time from either the mobile app or desktop. Settings for default prices and email templates with variables help to save time with quicker responses to new customer service requests. From the Estimates screen, just click “Create Estimate”, set the customer’s name, select a service from your Service List, customize the email, and set a price.

When a sale is confirmed, simply update the estimate’s status from Pending to Accepted, then pick a service date, technician and sales person’s commission amount. When saved, all appointments will appear in the technician’s mobile Fieldwork App Schedules and will also appear in your integrated Quickbooks account. After a Work Order is complete an invoice is automatically generated for you. Create your own estimate now in the free demo!

Manage Service Agreements

View and control Work Order Service Agreements in the customer’s profile, where all active status Service Agreements are highlighted in green.

New Service Agreements can be added to Work Orders with the help of templates and customizable values in the fields.

Work Order Service Agreements

Set Renewal Notices with Recurring Fee, Dates, and Frequency for existing work order series. Learn how to create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Tri-Annual, or Seasonal Work Order Series.
Renewal Notice for Recurring Work Order Series

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and reporting Work Orders for your field service business expenses & travel is easy with Fieldwork’s prebuilt customizable Dashboard, Production Reporting, exporting, and User-Role Access for Reports. All work order history and changes are tracked from who created it to completion, and include the following functions and features for customized reports.

Technician Tracking for Work Orders in Live Map View

Technician Tracking

Technician Tracking is a feature of the Pro Plan which provides real-time data of your technicians’ GPS locations on a map.

You can also see a complete view of their history by clicking “Show All Changes” on the bottom left of the Work Order.

Multi-building (Unit) tracking & reporting

Multi Locaiton Reports

Multi-building / Multi-unit Inspection tracking & reporting is also included for specific field service industries such as Pest Control Businesses. Try out the Work Order report exporting features in the free demo.


Increase productivity by 15% or more for Work Order Dispatching of technicians with Fieldwork’s unique “Best-Fit” scheduling. Real-time technician tracking, and a drag & drop interface will assist your dispatch team for route planning and predict drive times and managing the status of your work orders.

Adding Notes and Tasks

Add private or public notes to Work Orders on-the-go from the Mobile Apps, or the Desktop App. Notes can be added in real-time by your Sales, Dispatch, or Technicians.

Use Tasks to add Follow-Up Calls with Scheduled Times to a Work Order.

Add New Task to Work Order

Status Updates & Bulk Operations

Work Order Status Update

Update the status of your Work Order from any device. To complete a job on iOS, just swipe the item, or for Android just Tap & Hold - to choose from a list of customizable statuses for your Work Orders.

Customize the colors for your own Work Order Statuses in the Work Order Status Settings Page.

Work Order Statuses with Color Codes

Sort, Filter, Bulk-Edit or Move all or any Work Orders based on any field value, and assign them to available technicians all within the Work Order List view. You can sort and filter the Work Orders list by Status, Date, Customer, Location, Amount or Value.

Sort Filter and Bulk Update Work Orders

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Other Work Order Features

Fieldwork wouldn’t be a complete solution for managing your field service business’ without File Attachments and Work Orders. You can Generate and export custom lists of your Work Orders as a CSV file based on the filters and the dates you choose. Alternatively, you may bulk print them for keeping physical records. Pre-printing is also available for Work Orders. Attaching PDF files is available in the PDF Forms Tab while editing a Work Order.

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