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Get paid fast.

Fieldwork makes it easy to get paid. Getting paid on time is the key to managing your cashflow and the corner stone of managing your business. See who owes you money and let Fieldwork provide simple ways to encourage on time payment from your customers.

Print or Email Invoices

Depending on your customer preference you can either mail or email invoices. To maximize productivity you can also bulk print or email. If you choose to email your invoices you can even see if they were opened and clicked on. Giving you real insight to your customers activity.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable and invoicing reports gives you a complete snapshot of your outstanding invoices. View 30, 60, 90 and day totals and drill down directly to the customer level to see exactly which invoices need attention.


When your customers get behind in payment you can easily deliver them statements outlining all invoices awaiting payment. The statements provide details on service dates and work order numbers so that they can easily see what is overdue. You can also use statements to bill customers that prefer a single bill for multiple services provided over given period.

Customer Portal

Your online portal is an easy to use online destination for all of your customers account activity. This includes a full history of online invoices that customers can review and pay online. Customers can manage their own credit card details, print invoices and fully manage their own online account.

Simple Online Payment

Online payments create a low friction way to get paid. Deliver invoices directly to your customers inbox. They only need to click a button to go online and pay you. Integrate your account seamlessly with both Stripe and Paypal. Giving your customers two simple secure ways to transfer money. All payments are recorded back in Fieldwork and reconciled against the proper invoice.