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Chemical Tracking and Reporting

Regardless of your specific state regulations keeping a complete and thorough record of chemical use is essential for pest control companies. Being able to reference this data can give you insight on overall usage and in the event of problems or audits you can see exactly what chemical was used in what way on every service.

Chemical Data

Define your preferred chemicals store the name, manufacturer, EPA registration number, active ingredients and dilution rates.

Every usage record allows you to record the actual quantity, unit of measure, application method, and device used. In addition, record the targeted pests (rats, termites, fleas, etc.) and the exact areas targeted on the property. If it is a diluted product Fieldwork will automate the calculation on the amount of finished product used.


If you have common services that you provide, your team can define templates to ensure more efficient and faster service. Design templates with preselected materials that are specific to property and service type. Templates sync to the Fieldwork mobile app not only ensuring that work is being done in a uniform way, but also that technicians are following the label instructions for every chemical being applied.

Reports and Tracking

Your chemical use data is delivered on every work order so that customers can see what was used and where is was applied. It is also made available in your customer portal should it ever need to be referenced in the future. Giving everyone peace of mind and transparency into the work that was done.

If you live in California or New York Fieldwork can generate the state required pesticide usage logs at the click of a button, saving you countless hours of manual work.

* All data is kept online for 3 years, and can be exported to PDF for archived backup.