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Pest Control in Multi-Unit Buildings

Solve Your Most Challenging Multi-Unit Issues

Delivering quality pest control service inside multi-unit buildings is one of the industries biggest challenges. See how Fieldwork can help you overcome common problems and allow you to meet and exceed the expectations of this challenging market segment.

Detailed data capture

Capturing the right details for each unit is critical for providing accurate reports to property owners and managers.

Service status, Service date & time, Unit condition, Material use need to be tracked over time to see trends in pest activity and to highlight problem areas and units with a building

Verification of Service

Having simple tools to record the service status and capture customer signatures provides property management useful tools in combating rent issues and lawsuits.

Multi-unit inspection detail

Sophisticated Reporting

Detailed service reports showing exactly what was done in each unit as well as overall summary reports are available in the portal for your clients to review at any time. Download summary data to excel for easy customization.

Landlords & Property Managers

Simplify the management of pest control for your property managers. Your client portal will allow for easy tools to review service history, pull service summaries, make service requests, and send pest sightings to notify your office of any issues.

Multi-unit pest control service summary