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What’s New

Best-Fit Scheduling (AI-Based scheduling tools)

Accelerate your scheduling with Fieldwork’s industry-leading Best-Fit Scheduling technology that leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence: machine learning and real-time Google drive-time data). We have cracked the code on how to find the best time-slot for new or re-scheduled work orders. Say goodbye to the scheduling struggle, significantly reduce drive time, and start saving on fuel expense when you activate Fieldwork’s Best-Fit Scheduling feature!


This new tool provides one-click scheduling that takes the thinking out of the scheduling process. When enabled, this feature will provide the best-fit open time slots in the calendar that are based on real drive-time data relative to the scheduled work orders and events on each day + takes into consideration the required service duration and the skillset of the technician (optional).


Dashboard Analytics

The new Fieldwork Dashboard provides predictive analytics that will help you forecast future outcomes based on historical data with innovative and aesthetic visual graphs, several new data widgets, and comparisons to previous periods.

Useful, understandable, and identical to the classic version, the new Fieldwork Dashboard allows each online Admin user to customize the Dashboard page and view the data-points most important to you, includes one-click links to full reports related to each widget, and is upgraded to include a widget description in the i .


Explore the new Fieldwork Dashboard in your account by clicking the NEW DASHBOARD link on the dashboard page, today!

Fieldwork’s new Report Wizard:

Fieldwork’s new incredibly fast and powerful Report Wizard is a self-service reporting solution that provides the opportunity to create and deliver custom business reports quickly and efficiently.

Filter, group, and sort data like a magician with an easy-to-use online user-interface that accesses all data within your account. Online admin users have access to the Report Wizard page today through the new Fieldwork Dashboard via the links below each data widget and will have access to this page in the future from a direct link on the classic Reports page.



FWCommerce: Online Program and Service Sales

Fieldwork’s new e-Commerce tool allows you to create, sell and collect payment for service programs and plans for both new and existing customers. FWCommerce creates the opportunity to promote additional services to existing customers when they are logged into the Customer Portal, new services to new customers when they are visiting your website, or promote new services to new customers via private link to your Fieldwork Customer Portal Login Page.



We are in the final stages of our Sentricon Integration. Pending approval from Corteva.


Some smaller but heavily requested and useful updates.


Google Authenticator
2 factor authentication is now live for all users. Secure user accounts with the Google Authenticator App. For security purposes, we strongly recommend everyone enables this security feature. Currently the 2-factor authentication is for online access only and will be available in our mobile apps soon.


Location Balance
Service location account balance details displayed on each service location page.


Assign multiple users to a task
Assign a single task to multiple users and simplify your to-do list.


Add-ons page
Updates to the Add-Ons page in Company Settings will include the option to disable and hide features you do not wish to see or activate in your Fieldwork account.