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Projected Income and Year-to-Year Comparison Reports

As June quickly approaches, some of us look at the calendar in disbelief that the year is nearly 1/2 way over.  The rest of us are simply grateful that winter is finally over 🙂 The mosquitoes and ants are keeping everyone busy and it is often the time of year when companies analyze the current year’s projected income to make important decisions regarding the company’s growth for the following year.

Your 2016 budgets are based on current 2015 income totals, so making decisions to hire new technicians, open up new branches, or purchase new vehicles are all dependent on knowing what your numbers look like for this month, at the end of this year, and what they are projected to be next April.

Measuring growth and income is a critical component to operating a successful business and Fieldwork has specific reports that allow you to see into the future and compare Year-to-Year growth .

  • Projected Income: Utilize the Service Appointments Report.  Filter the report for the dates you would like to view and this will give you a summary total of everything in your Pipeline.  If you would like to narrow it down by technician income, just use the Filter option to select a specific route.  Analyze further by exporting this report in .csv format so you may sort and filter to your heart’s content.
  • Year-to-Year Comparison Reports are at the bottom of the Report Page in your Fieldwork Account, under the “Financial” section of the page.  Route/Technician Production, Customer Profitability, and Service Profitability are great reports to reference when you are making performance based decisions.
  • The Invoice List Report is still my favorite report to review closed/completed work.  It gives the most detail on one page with summary totals at the bottom, without breaking out the ol’ Ten Key Calculator.

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