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Welcome to our Field Service Management Blog. Stay up-to-date with frequently posted topics about FSM Software updates, news, marketing strategies and tips for small businesses to help you operate and organize your field service company.

Best Fit Scheduling

By Erin / March 10, 2017

All Fieldwork accounts have access to the Best Fit Scheduling feature when creating a new work order for an existing or new customer. Accounts that have access to the mapping feature can further…

Autofill PDF Forms & Contracts

By Erin / March 2, 2017

Fieldwork Accounts that have access to the PDF forms feature can create contracts, inspection forms and WDI reports + autofill the fillable documents with Company, Customer, and Default information. 1. Through your…

Customer Portal CC page Update

By Erin / February 24, 2017

As of today, all Fieldwork Accounts have access to a new Text Box that appears in the Customer Portal’s Credit Card page.  This can be used as an Authorization to auto-run…

Smart Folders

By Erin / February 17, 2017

  We have add a new feature to all accounts called Smart Folders.  Fieldwork’s Smart Folders allows you to save a group of customer accounts, work orders, invoices, or any group of documents…

Create One Payment For All Open Invoices

By Erin / February 10, 2017

About one month ago, we improved the payment feature so you have the ability to pay multiple invoices with one payment. By now, you have used the new bulk payment feature…

Deleting vs. Deactivating User Accounts

By Erin / February 3, 2017

Parting ways with employees often leads business owners directly to the Delete button to deny the user’s access to Fieldwork. This is not the best option for terminated technicians. If your employee…

Appointment Reminders : Feature Update

By Erin / January 26, 2017

Just created or rescheduled a work order?  Send an appointment reminder on demand. In Fieldwork, the new Send Reminder button on the EDIT work order page will email and / or text your…

CRITICAL INFORMATION: Service Cancellation Reasons

By Erin / January 19, 2017

When customers cancel, ask why. In Fieldwork, the new Cancellation Reasons feature enables you to define, report, and measure cancellation rates and reasons. This feedback is critical to the success of your company and…

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