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Fieldwork Mobile App Editing

Need to edit, change, or delete an entry on Work Orders in the Fieldwork Mobile App?

Review the Mobile App Editing video to learn how.

A few more tips to help you get through your day faster…

  • Offline Mode: From the dashboard, tap the Settings and turn on this feature when you are in areas that do not have consistent internet service or to scan barcodes faster.
  • Blue + sign: Tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the Customer page or Schedule page to add a new customer or work order to your (or your tech’s) schedule.
  • Tap Service Location Address: When you are in the Work Order Details, tap this address to access Work Order History and additional contact details.
  • Delete:  On all lists, swiping from right to left on iOS or tap n’ hold on Android will delete an entry.
  • Edit: You can edit all entered information by tapping the screen where you need to access details.
  • Camera Icon: Tap the camera in the lower right corner to quickly access the photo section to take a new picture.
  • Blue Scan Button: Tap the scan button at the bottom of the Devices page to scan a new or existing barcode.

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