Fieldwork's July Updates

Fieldwork: Feature Friday July 24, 2015

Dashboard Update: Total Sales + Total Revenue are now displayed
Customers Update: Create your own Customer Types in your Account Settings or when you add a new customer
Scheduling Update: Block Out Personal Time or Vacation Days on the Calendar by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the Create A Work Order button
Routing Update: User/Technician specific starting/ending address & daily route optimization – accessed in day-view of the Calendar.
Technician Tracking Update: Technician’s using Fieldwork Mobile are now displayed on the current day’s map with a circle and their Initials.
Invoice Setting Update: New option to “Hide online payment link on return slip in printed invoices.”
Calendar Updates: Print Calendar & Include Work Pool Appointments when Pre-Printing Service Tickets.
Report Updates: New Material Usage Report & New Income Report

Happy Friday ~ Erin


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