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Improve Your Company’s Brand Recognition with Fieldwork

Email Templates

Using the same logo, slogan, and message in all forms of communication to your customers is the easiest way to be instantly recognizable to your customers and help them remember you when talking to their friends, family, and colleagues.

It is worth your time and effort to develop an *awesome* message in ONE of Fieldwork’s Email Templates… then copy, paste, and tweak that message into ALL of the Templates to create better Brand Consistency, Recognition, and Awareness.

Customizing your Email Templates is an obvious (and free) marketing opportunity, but is often overlooked.  There is a ton of value in the email subject line, email message body, and in your logo — don’t squander the chance to stay in touch with your customers through Fieldwork and fall into the category of “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Company Logo

Another, simple way to improve your company’s brand recognition is to upload your Company’s Logo.  We recently updated the logo’s location on all Invoices and Work Orders to the center of the page so your return address fits perfectly in a #10 double window envelope.

Report & Invoice Footer Messages

Last (but not least), I highly recommend adding your company’s slogan or message to the Invoice and Work Order footers.  Each time a customer picks up and reads your Invoice or Service Report, they will be reminded of your expertise, whether that is a Green / Organic philosophy, that you are the Bed Bug Expert, or the ‘go-to’  After-Hours company.

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