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Quickbooks Online Sync improvements, NEW Text Appt Reminders, and Report Updates

Txt Msgs: remind & confirm appts

NEW FEATURE – Send and receive confirmation texts to your customers through Fieldwork.  Set up your account to enable text AND/OR email reminders.  Each Contact within the account can have specific Confirmation Settings for Email and Texts — Leave all options unchecked and that contact will not receive a message.


Manage your sync — Don’t let your sync manage you.

NEW FEATURE – We have added a manual sync, batch/bulk action, in your QB settings for both the Invoice and Payment screen, allowing you define exactly what is sent to QBOnline from Fieldwork.   For some, this is everything — for others, this is only certain transactions.  *Auto-sync is still available. Determine if the sync happens automatically (everything, Always), only transactions in the last 30 days, OR never auto sync (everything is manual).


Report Updates

Text Reminders

NEW – View texts sent and customer responses in the new Text Reminders Report.  Date/Time, Recipient, Delivery Status, Response, Associated Work Order #, Service Location, and the Customer Account is displayed.  Filter by Recipient, Delivery Status, WO#, and Customer Name for specific data.

Sales Commission

UPDATE – Updates to the Sales Commission Report include WO#, WO Date, Invoice#, Invoice Date, Filtering by the Users Role (Sales/Service), and Invoice Status (Paid/Unpaid).

Accounts Receivable

UPDATE – Current Unpaid column is now visible in this report.  All invoices that are unpaid and not past their due dates will have balances in this field.  Sort by Customer Name, Customer Type, and Aging Period of 30-60-90-90+.

Call List

UPDATE – Service Instructions, Private/Top-Level Location Notes, and Account Balance are now displayed in the Call List Report.  Filter past, present and future dates to receive past sales or future service information and sales totals.

Service Location List

UPDATE – Service Location Notes (Top Level / Private), Next Service Date and Last Service Date are now displayed on the Service Location List.  Use this list to review each and every property in the system.

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