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Troubleshooting your Internet Connection

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Maintaining a stable Internet connection is more important for companies than ever before.

When using Fieldwork, you will receive a notice at the top of your web page when the connection is dropped, even if it is momentary.

Possible reasons why your Internet connection is unstable:

  1. Web browser issues
    1. Reset your browser
    2. Restore its Defaults settings
    3. Delete temporary files and cookies
    4. Clear the history and cache
  2. Modem issues
    1. Power cycle your modem
    2. Reset your modem to factory default settings
    3. Update the modem’s firmware
  3. Computer issues
    1. Run system diagnostics
    2. Clear files off your Desktop
    3. Delete temporary or old files
  4. Damaged jacks or wiring
    1. Connect to a different phone jack to test
    2. Swap out the cord you are using – shorter cables and cords may improve connection

Other ways to troubleshoot your unstable Internet connection:

  • Ping it
  • Check power supply on all hardware
  • Check modem and router status
  • Change router channel
  • Check the cable coming into your building
  • Reboot all hardware
  • Reset all hardware to factory default settings
  • Install firmware updates
  • Install a WiFi Extender
  • Check your PC for spyware, viruses, and malware
  • Upgrade your router
  • Contact your ISP

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