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Smart Folders


We have add a new feature to all accounts called Smart Folders.  Fieldwork’s Smart Folders allows you to save a group of customer accounts, work ordersinvoices, or any group of documents under the Sales menu so you can track, organize, and find the information quickly.

A few good examples for Fieldwork’s Smart Folders in use:

  • Customer Page: Filter by zip code, city or other component of an address and a Tag, like Commercial then click SAVE and name the folder for future quick access to bulk send monthly statements
  • Sales > Work Orders: Filter dates for last month with Completed status and a specific service type then click SAVE and name the folder to last month’s work
  • Sales > Invoices: Filter dates for this week with a status of unpaid – bulk print all invoices and SAVE to name the folder and reference all invoices printed today.


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