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Best Fit Scheduling

All Fieldwork accounts have access to the Best Fit Scheduling feature when creating a new work order for an existing or new customer.

  • Accounts that have access to the mapping feature can further optimize appointments using the work pool feature. 

When creating a new work order (after you have selected or entered a customer with a service address) you will see a colorful section with numbers at the top of the Work Order’s Schedule Tab that ranges from (1) green (best option) to (4) blue that will assist you in scheduling a time, date, and technician that create the most efficient schedule for that service.

If the provided dates and times do not work for your customer AND you have the mapping feature in your Fieldwork Subscription, turn on the work pool option in the Work Order, finish editing/entering your work order instructions/notes and click SAVE to review the work pool appointment on the Map in Day view of the Calendar.

Work Pool appointments are displayed once you click the bullseye/target shaped icon and will be marked as numbered black circles that correlate to the work pool list.  If you utilize the Filters on the work pool list, you can quickly isolate the one appointment you would like to schedule at that moment. (see the video for how to do this)

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