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Manage Traps & Devices for Commercial Accounts

A critical piece of many commercial pest management service offerings is the ability to provide customers with insights on trap activity.

Being able to provide these details is not only critical, but as of January 2014 it is a requirement of AIB for commercial food facilities. Fieldwork makes this task very easy. Barcode scanning and all the tools you need are  already built into our mobile apps for iOS and Android.  Our apps significantly reduce the costs typically associated with barcode scanning and trap management because you can use very affordable tools such as the iPhone 5.

  • Trap location information
  • Scan Timestamps
  • Trap condition
  • Bait Condition
  • Captured Pests
  • Evidence
  • Notes

All of this and more can be captured in just a few seconds, and is synced back directly to your online account.  Detailed Reports are generated automatically, and can be emailed directly to your customer.

If you are looking for ways to improve your commercial service offering with and easy to use cost effective solution in the industry, please give us a call today.

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