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New Feature – Text Alerts

Managing the schedule for a pest control business often requires communicating changes with your technicians in the field. We recently released our new text alert system for Fieldwork to address this issue. Our real time alerting system will drastically simplify the communication of scheduling changes to your technicians in the field.

After enabling the “Text alerts” add-on for your account, you will be able to add the technicians mobile number to their user profile.  Then as you move or add appointments throughout the current day, our integrated notification system will inform your technicians immediately via text message of the change.  If they are using one of our native mobile apps, all they need to do is refresh their appointment list to instantly see the changes made at the office on their mobile appointment list.

When paired with our native mobile app, this add-on module will save you a significant amount of time and money:

  • Technicians will not need to return to the office for paper work.
  • Administrative staff will not need to make extra phone calls to notify technicians of changes, provide customer contact information or convey service instructions.
  • Technicians will have one touch driving directions to new appointments from their current location.
  • Technician will have instant access to all of the service details and be able to complete that ticket right on their phone.

We chose a SMS messaging solution over native iOS or Android push notifications because SMS messages work in bad cell areas and on non-smart phone devices. This allows for anyone with a cell phone to receive these notifications.

As customer driven pest control software product, This has been one of our most requested features and we are happy to put this in the hands of our customers.  We’d love to know what you think.

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