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Statements, Invoicing, and Collections

Features in Fieldwork that improve your bottom line.

Some of the ways you can improve your cash flow using Fieldwork…

  • Automatically email completed work orders & invoices
  • Accept online credit card payments through the customer portal
  • Advanced billing for recurring services

Sometimes you need a little bit more than the initial invoice to get paid.  The reports and features below streamline your collection process and analyze chronic slow/late payers in your pipeline.

1. Statements:

Print or email customer’s statements from the Bulk Actions directly in your Customer List.

HINT: Sort account balances from high-to-low by clicking the BALANCE column heading twice.

2. Invoices:

Print or email individual invoices from the Bulk Actions directly in your Invoice List.
HINT: Sort overdue, unpaid, and paid invoices quickly, by using the Filters in the left column and A-Z / 0-9 sort all columns by clicking the heading.

3. Accounts Receivable Report:

View each account with outstanding invoices in the Accounts Receivable Report.
Hint: Quickly email your customers a note about the outstanding invoices directly from the report or export the information to a spreadsheet program, like MS Excel to further analyze.

4. Invoices List Report:

My favorite report is the Invoices List Report.  It may not be as fun as celebrating your friend’s birthday, but the flexibility of this report will put a smile on your face.  Filter the report by your Custom Fields, by invoice date, and/or by route.
Hint: Move all of the columns to organize the report format by clicking and dragging the column headings.  Click Save and give your custom report a name so you can quickly access it the next time you visit your Fieldwork Reports section.

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