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Recurring Frequency Options, the Workpool, and the Edit All button

Features in Fieldwork that give you free time.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” -Gandalf
Some of the ways you can free up your time using Fieldwork…
Each day, time seems to slip away a little faster than the day before.  Using Fieldwork’s recurring Frequency options, the Workpool, and Edit All features you will spend less time scheduling your day and more time growing your business.


The options are unlimited. Customize each service for daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, seasonal, or annual recurring options.  Select multiple months per year in seasonal, multiple weeks & days in monthly or quarterly, multiple days per week in weekly, or select specific days in each month, like the 1st or 15th.
Hint: Be sure to deselect the days, weeks, and months in blue that Fieldwork’s smart scheduler selects for you when you initially create the Work Order.

2. Workpool:

When you use the Workpool, you won’t drown in appointments!  Organize each month and never forget a future service again, when you set flexible recurring services to display in the Workpool.

HINT: The default Work Pool Display is the current month.  If you are scheduling days in a week that is on the cusp of two months or in a future month, be sure to filter the view to include the following months as well.

3. Edit All:

Need to make a change to one service?  Just hit Edit button on that specific work order.  However…if you need to make a change to a group of services scheduled into eternity?  Click the Edit All button instead!  All of your changes will carry through to each service without having to edit each work order individually.

Hint: Edit All is a new feature that was created for those that like to move stuff around the calendar.

“One Work Order to Schedule them all, One Work Order to View them,
One Work Order to Edit them all and in the Calendar bind them.” – Fieldwork

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