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Fieldwork Lists & Reports

Customer List

  • View all active, inactive, or by customer type
  • Bulk Actions include printing or emailing account statements
  • Drag n’ Drop columns to customize your view
  • Sort each column A-Z or 0-9
  • Add new service locations from the list
  • Search by name, address, zip, city state, account number, or phone number in the Search Box in the left column
  • Search by Invoice number, Work order number, Account number, and customer name in the Search Box in the Top Menu

View Customer List tutorial video

Sales > Work Orders

  • Filter your view for date of service, technician/route, work order status, and by service type
  • Bulk Actions include batch scheduling work orders from the Work Pool to the Calendar and completing work done by technicians using paper tickets
  • Drag n’ drop columns for a customized view
  • Sort each column A-Z or 0-9
  • Print individual or groups of paper tickets

View Work Orders tutorial video

Sales > Invoices

  • Filter your view for invoice date, technician/route, and invoice status
  • Bulk Actions include batch printing and emailing
  • Drag n’ drop columns for a customized view
  • Sort each column A-Z or 0-9
  • Quick Pay existing invoices
  • Create new invoices
  • View emailed status and QB sync status

View Invoices tutorial video


  • Filter by custom fields and dates to view specific data
  • Show / Hide report fields
  • Drag n’ drop report columns
  • Save Custom Reports with private or public account access
  • Export data to PDF, CSV file, and Print
  • Quick links to customer files, invoices, and work orders

View Reports tutorial video

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