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Live, Real-Time…

Hey there,

Last weekend we made one of the most significant improvements to our backend systems since we launched 3 years ago…

Starting today, you will see the first of our “Real-Time” features. By real-time, we mean that you will see changes reflected on your screen without having to refresh the page. The first phase to this upgrade will be realized on the Fieldwork Calendar.  We decided to first focus on the calendar because it would have the greatest impact and improve the day-to-day function when multiple users are accessing the same information.  Phase one of the Real, Real-Time upgrade will create live-updates, so when one person moves an event on the calendar, that change is immediately reflected on the other person’s calendar without refreshing the view… very much like collaborating on a Google document.

Next up, in Phase Two of this update, are document status changes, document updates, and other user actions. You can expect in Phase Two that when a technician completes an appointment from Fieldwork mobile, you will see that change in the online calendar without refreshing–or as a live update. The appointment will instantly turn green without a page refresh,  giving your office staff and management instant feedback as to what is going on in the field.

We are excited to find other uses for this new capability to further improve your office communication.

Also, for the past several months we have been working two new routing features…

The first is a fully automated routing system that will route a full day, week, or month of appointments for all routes. We have been testing it in house and like what we see, but we would like to do some bigger real world testing. Therefore, next week, we will be rolling out a beta version of this feature that will allow you to run routing simulations, so you can see what would be generated without having to apply it. We will send out an email as soon as it is ready, and look forward to your feedback on it.

Our goal: To save you as much administration, drive time, and gas as possible.

The second is a “best fit” scheduling tool. Starting next week, if you are on a plan with mapping– when creating a work order, you will now be able to see the next 4 times that a technician be closest to the address you are scheduling for… perfect for when you are on the phone with a new customer trying to figure out a good date & time fit.

Lastly, we will be attending PestWorld again this year. If you will be there, please swing by booth #264 and say Hi.  We would love to see you.

Have a great weekend!


**We have a few other top secret projects under way.  Cant wait to get those out the door.


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