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Recovering Deleted Files

Not an exciting topic… until you’ve deleted something important.

It’s happened to me. I bet it has happened to you. You delete a file and then realize you need it back.

Fieldwork has always had the ability to restore your deleted items… but now you have the ability to review and restore deleted items yourself.

The new Archived feature in Fieldwork will allow you to instantly restore anything that has been deleted by you or any user on your team.

In order to manage deleted Customer Accounts, we’ve added a new customer type in your Customer List: Archived.  Marking customers as inactive is still a live feature and function, but if you feel the need to delete the account entirely, it will go to the Archived list for safe and out-of-the-way keeping.  Click on the link that looks like this:

And the new Archived Customers page opens up, where you can select to Restore or permanently Destroy the customer file.
This same action works on each page under the Sales menu so you may restore:

Simply click the link in the lower left corner of the screen:

And you will see the entire list of documents that have been Archived since the start of your Fieldwork account.

As always, you can review a report of deleted items in the Audit Trail Report and discover which User wins the award for Master Destroyer.


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