Change is Good, it Helps you Grow, Teaches you to be Flexible, Offers Opportunities, and Breaks Up Routines

There are some people that embrace change and see it as a new beginning and others that just don’t.  I fall somewhere in the middle… I love change, when it is on my terms. 😉 #creatureofhabit

The best part about releasing the new Fieldwork mobile app is having the chance to include all of the features that we didn’t have before. It’s been a ton of fun adding Credit Card Scanning (typing the card number in manually is also an option) and the Work Pool Appointments — being able to schedule from both the Map and List views is also pretty great.  And, now that the online and offline sync is automatically managed – it is much easier to save & sync data when you are in large warehouses or working in areas with spotty cell service.  Mobile printing on Android is now possible from any/all Android compatible mobile printers (not just Brother PocketJets), and overall, we improved the design.

Thanks for the excellent communication about the new Fieldwork Mobile apps.  I have added few more tutorial videos on the new mobile apps, so click here to check them out and have an excellent weekend.

Fieldwork Mobile Documentation downloadable PDF with Step-By-Step instructions

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