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Document Templates

One of our most requested features is finally live… Document Templates!

Enable this new feature today in your Fieldwork Company settings.

What you can expect with this new feature:

  1. One printed document number.  The system will continue to internally manage work order numbers separately from the invoice numbers — but once you enable Document Templates in your company settings, your customers will only see the Invoice Number.
  2. Bulk (batch) email and print completed service reports from the Sales > Work Orders page
  3. Customize your default Invoice and Service Report layouts, plus create up to three additional custom documents
  4. Automatically email the default invoice to specific customer account contacts when the job is completed.  You always had the ability to attach an invoice to a completed work order (service report), but now, you can split emails and send specific recipients the service report and other recipients the default invoice.
  5. Quick access to the Edit invoice page on all completed work orders in the calendar.  Your first click now takes you directly to the invoice.  You continue to have access to edit the work order details when needed by clicking the linked button in the upper right corner of the invoice page

I’ve added a few videos to the FieldworkHQ channel on this feature:

Printable Instructions:  Fieldwork Document Template Instructions

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