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Billing Frequency Update

We are very happy to report that separating the invoice frequency from work order frequency is now possible in Fieldwork.

Work Orders and Invoices were originally designed with a 1:1 ratio in Fieldwork.  However, users now have the ability to manage a (1 to many) or a (many to 1) ratio of Work Orders to Invoices.

Update your existing Work Orders using the EDIT ALL function and select the Billing Frequency in the drop-down menu, define a new invoice description if you choose, and select a Next Invoice Date.  Annual values, discounts, and production values are all still active with the new Billing Frequency update.

You will be excited to know that Invoices are now auto-generated when the Billing Frequency is separated from the Work Order Frequency and then emailed to customers (if auto-send is enabled).

The current options for Invoice and Billing Frequency are For Every Work Order, Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual.

Features related to the Billing Frequency that you can expect to go live next are: the option to auto-charge credit cards on file (subscription billing), a feature to manage contract & Termite Renewals that will include Notices and Alerts, and Invoice Pre-Billing through Monthly Statements.

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