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Online Reviews

Online reviews are now integrated into Fieldwork!

Current market research shows that consumers trust independent customer reviews more and more each day.  Often, people are going directly to the internet to read through reviews as their main source of pre-purchase information.  Businesses with more online reviews build more trust and get more new business than those that have none.

However, online reviews are not the fast-track to success.  If managed incorrectly, they can be your worst nightmare and unfortunately, unsatisfied customers are more likely to post unsolicited online reviews than your typical satisfied customers.

Therefore, having the ability to guide customers through the rating and review process is a vital component to improving your online brand.  Fieldwork’s new Online Review feature allows you to do just that.  Active online review in your company settings and keep track of all rating and review activity in the Online Review Report.  Customers that rate services with 3 or less stars are prompted to reply to you (and not directed to the online review platform) and customers that rate services with 4 or 5 stars are guided to your Yelp, Facebook, or Google+ page

Customize your Online Review messages with stylized text that draws attention to your rating and review request and increase the number of online reviews your company’s gets each day.


Sample Messages:

Email Rating Block Title Samples:

-How did we do?

-Please rate us

-Review us online


Positive Review Message Samples:

– Glad you had a great experience! If you have a minute, we would really appreciate an online review.

– Will you take a moment of your time to jot down a few notes about our service — Your words make a huge impact. Thank you!

– Thank you for the great rating!  Please take a few minutes to leave an online review by clicking the link below.


Negative Review Message Samples:

– Sorry your expectations were not met.  Would you please let us know what we can do better next time.


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