Deleting vs. Deactivating User Accounts

Parting ways with employees often leads business owners directly to the Delete button to deny the user’s access to Fieldwork. This is not the best option for terminated technicians.

If your employee was a licensed technician, consider using the Deactivate button instead.  Once deactivated, the user will receive a message that they no longer have access to the system and maintains your service history for record keeping purposes.

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Another tip when managing a personnel transition is to review the past, present and future work orders assigned to that user.   Consider moving all future work orders to another route with the bulk action Move Tool in the Users & Routes section of your admin settings.

Deleting office users is perfectly fine.  Deleting users that are not technicians is the right choice to keep your account access secure.

Delete vs. Deactivate Overview:

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When should you Deactivate a user?
if the user is a Technician and has an associated Route

When should you Delete a user?
Office / Admin User (No Route)fired - Deleting vs. Deactivating User Accounts

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