Create One Payment For All Open Invoices

About one month ago, we improved the payment feature so you have the ability to pay multiple invoices with one payment. By now, you have used the new bulk payment feature on multiple occasions and I am highlighting it in this week’s Feature Friday to point out the details.

Now you can….

  • View all open invoices in the payment window + outstanding balances after you in the New Payment window.

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  • Auto Distribute the bulk payment to outstanding invoices by clicking the button.

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  • Manually enter payment amount per invoice and ignore the way the system distributes the payment.

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Tips for the new payment update:

1. Don’t forget to distribute the payment.  If your Unapplied amount equals the Payment Amount – the payment isn’t applied to invoices and will look like a credit on the account.

2. You need to select specific invoices to pay and leave others unpaid?  No Problem! Simply edit each Amount field in the outstanding invoices list.

3. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the form if there are many invoices and click SAVE.  If you simply click out of the form, your payment details will not be saved.

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