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How to Take Control of Your Pest Control Business

Running a pest control company is no easy task. Throughout the day you are pulled in various directions – moving between the office, your service vehicle, customer accounts, reporting, maps, etc. The list goes on and on.

In addition you need to keep track the work you do, where you did it, what pesticides where used, pest targeted and so much more. Returning to the office offers no reprieve either. You need to enter completed work orders, create and mail/e-mail invoices, file paper work and a host of other administrative tasks.

Then you need to prepare for the following day. Confirm appointments, print tickets, You get the idea…

For many pest control companies this is a daily routine. Maybe you have an assistant who helps out with daily activities such as scheduling, invoicing, and customer calls, maybe not. Either way, this can quickly become time consuming, costly and error prone without the proper tools to manage your company. In addition general service and accounting software doesn’t provide the tools pest control companies need to fully manage your business.

Fieldwork was designed specifically to address these issues and more. It exists to streamline pest control operations, and to help you regain the time and money spent on administrative tasks so that you can get back to doing what you do best, Providing great pest control service.

Here just a few of the time saving features you will find in fieldwork:

  • Automate recurring appointments.
  • Auto email and receive customer appointment confirmations.
  • Access to a rolling 5 days of appointments and service tickets right on your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Sync service report data to our back office system from our native mobile apps, and email the report directly to your customer.
  • Print service reports directly from your phone or tablet in your service vehicle.
  • Email invoices and accept payments online.
  • Provide service history online in your integrated customer portal.

If you are evaluating pest control software and you are looking for a technology partner that understands your pain points and cares about the success of your business please contact us today at (800) 992-6339 or signup for our Free Trial. I’m certain we can help.

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