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Leveraging Fieldwork for IPM & Data Driven Decision Making

Now that you are using Fieldwork

You can bid on contracts for food plants, hospitals, prisons, airports, large warehouses, packaging facilities, restaurants…. (the list is endless).

Fieldwork’s Mobile App for iOS & Android lends users the ability to plan, implement, communicate, assess, analyze, and review IPM programs year-after-year and keep commercial customers in compliance. 

  • No additional handheld scanners, logbooks or clip boards to purchase or carry around

  • Visually driven pest trend analysis for activity, evidence, and captures in your customer account and on the Fieldwork Customer Portal.  View, Download, Print graphs and spreadsheets

  • Device specific reporting for device condition, bait condition, material usage, and device notes. Site or Device specific reporting with trending graphs and analysis

  • Maintain and manage site Conditions and Recommendations

  • PDF integration of site maps, pest-siting logs, and service agreements or IPM outlines for on-site reference

  • Data-driven modifications to improve your IPM results and determine service frequency (increase or decrease year-to-year), quantity of devices on site, and the overall placement of devices

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