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What you see vs. What you write

A picture is worth 2000 characters*.

Snap up to 10 pictures with notes for each service report and record over 10,000 additional characters in notes.

Use photo documentation to facilitate understanding and improve pest management.
Learn how here:

Write up to…

  • 2000 characters in the Technician’s Service Notes
  • 2000 characters in the Private/Internal Notes field
  • 3000 characters in Pictures (each photo records 300 characters of notes)
  • 300 characters in each Device Notes field
  • Unlimited Recommendations and Conditions

Clearly communicate and report…

  • Evidence of damage / pest activity
  • Sanitation conditions
  • Cracks / gaps in the structure & around windows / doors
  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Excessive trash
  • Clutter / hoarding


  • Costly report omissions
  • Miscommunication
  • Expensive re-treat / re-services
  • Customer attrition

*According to www.unitconversion.org (self-proclaimed to be the ultimate resource for unit conversion), 2000 characters is the equivalent to 1000 words.

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