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Feature Friday – New Reports

This week’s Feature Friday focuses on the new and improved reports in Fieldwork. If you enjoy measuring progress and reviewing past work — you will love the upgrades in Reports.

  • Accounts Receivable: Bulk Print Statements (bulk email coming soon)
  • Sales Tax Report Detail: Sales tax detail for Paid-In-Full invoices only.
  • Transaction History Report: A detailed statement with every single invoice and payment.  (Available in the Customer’s Record on the Billing Information page in the green CREATE A NEW button
  • Completed Work Order Details:  See private notes, technician notes, payment amounts, and other specific job details in this report. Filter by dates, routes, and callbacks.
  • Work Order Production: Displays all Newly created work orders for the filtered dates.  Allows you to measure and track every new job that is booked each day, week, month, or year.
  • Renewals List: Use this report to analyze specifics for Initial Service, Last Service, Next Service, Service type, price, and all billing/service contact data.  This report was created specifically to generate a data file for MS Word (or similar) and create custom form letters for contract renewals or mass marketing.  My original video is using the Customer List — but this report provides better details on each service.  See this video: Merge to learn how to export from Fieldwork as a CSV and create a data file for MS Word.
  • Customers List: *NEW* Measure the number of new customers add each day, month, week, or year.  The date filters at the top of the report relate to the date added / created date.

Enjoy the new and updated reports in Fieldwork.  In addition to the updates stated above, many reports have had a “counter” column added – so you can quickly see how many rows are displayed.

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