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CRITICAL INFORMATION: Service Cancellation Reasons

By Erin / January 19, 2017

When customers cancel, ask why. In Fieldwork, the new Cancellation Reasons feature enables you to define, report, and measure cancellation rates and reasons. This feedback is critical to the success of your company and…

Troubleshooting your Internet Connection

By Erin / January 13, 2017

Check you internet speed now Maintaining a stable Internet connection is more important for companies than ever before. When using Fieldwork, you will receive a notice at the top of your web…

New Year, New Features!

By Erin / January 6, 2017

The new Marketing section in your Fieldwork account enables you to create Mass Email Campaigns for your existing contacts and also tracks Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns for new leads. Choosing the best communication method (email vs.…

Billing Frequency Update

By Erin / July 22, 2016

We are very happy to report that separating the invoice frequency from work order frequency is now possible in Fieldwork. Work Orders and Invoices were originally designed with a 1:1 ratio in Fieldwork.  However,…

Online Reviews

By Erin / July 8, 2016

Online reviews are now integrated into Fieldwork! Current market research shows that consumers trust independent customer reviews more and more each day.  Often, people are going directly to the internet to read…

Feature Friday – New Reports

By Erin / May 20, 2016

This week’s Feature Friday focuses on the new and improved reports in Fieldwork. If you enjoy measuring progress and reviewing past work — you will love the upgrades in Reports.…

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